vRA 8 Configuration for Azure


vRA 8 Configuration for Azure

When integrating vRealize Automation 8 with Microsoft Azure, it helps me to have a cheat sheet of what I need to do. The following is my cheat sheet to remind me the various steps involved in getting vRealize Automation 8 ready to deploy Azure machines.

NOTE: This post is not meant as a tutorial. If you want to learn the ins and outs of how to integrate vRealize Automation 8 and Microsoft Azure,

To get vRealize Automation 8 ready, here's what you're going to need:

  • Cloud Account
  • Cloud Zone(s)
  • Flavor Mapping(s)
  • Image Mapping(s)
  • Network Profile(s)
  • Cloud Template(s)

Cloud Account

You need a cloud account to connect vRealize Automation to Microsoft Azure.

NOTE: I've intentionally blurred out my account credentials for security reasons. You need to get your Subscription ID, Tenent ID, Client application ID, and Client application secret key from Microsoft.

Cloud Zones

After configuring up your cloud account, you need to configure your cloud zone(s).

Flavor Mappings

Net you configure your flavor mapping(s).

Image Mappings

And then you configure your image mapping(s).

Network Profiles

You're presumably going to want networking, so you set up your network profile(s).

Cloud Templates

Now all that's left is to configure your cloud template(s).

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