Deployment Migration/On-boarding Workload from vRA 7.x to vRA 8.x

Use Case:- I have developed a customized solution for migrating Deployment/workload VMs from vRA7.x to vRA8.x. 
The onboarding process for a VM required manual intervention, which is time-consuming and prone to human errors when updating custom properties, lease, owner, and other details. However, with this automation, administrators and developers can migrate deployments with just a few clicks, significantly reducing complexity and the likelihood of errors. I have provided high-level steps and API details for reference. If you require further information/automation and help, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.
 Pre Requisite:- 

vSphere endpoint configuration in vRA8

Connectivity from vRA7-vRA8 for API (80/443)

Service Account for both vRA’s (should have organization level access)

Projects should configured properly like user and group

VMs should discovered by vRA 8

Any deployments that are stuck in Day 2 operations, destroy or in-progress, should be cleared or resolved.

High Level Steps:-
  • Get vRA7 token (Add vRA7 as endpoint and use below API to generate the token, using vRA8 as development plane)
    • "https://<VRA7 URL>/identity/api/tokens"
  • Get vRA7 deployment based on API filter (sharing some for reference paging needed)
    • "https://<VRA7 URL>/catalog-service/api/consumer/deployments?subtenants=" + businessGroupId + "&components=Infrastructure.Machine&page=1&limit=30"
    • "https://<VRA7 URL>/catalog-service/api/consumer/deployments?subtenants=" + businessGroupId + "&components=Infrastructure.Machine&Owner=rishabh@vsphere.local&page=1&limit=30"
  • Get project ID/ Endpoint ID (needed for vRA8 onborading plan)
    • endpointId =; projectId =
  • Create vRA8 plan
    • "https://<VRA8 URL>/relocation/onboarding/plan"
  • Discover VM which is planned for migrated and fetched in step2
    • "https://<VRA8 URL>/relocation/api/wo/query-unmanaged-machine" 
(var fiter =  [{"field": "ID", "values": machineID}]; payload = {"planLink":planLink,"expandFields":["id","documentSelfLink","name","powerState","address","creationTimeMicros","expandedTags","tagLinks","endpointLinks"],"optionExcludePlanMachines":true,"filters":fiter,"pageResultLimit": 5000})
  • Add VMs to the plan using resourec link
    • "https://<VRA8 URL>/relocation/onboarding/task/create-deployment-bulk"
  • Rename the deployment (optional)
    • "https://<VRA8 URL>/relocation/onboarding/resource?expand&$filter=deploymentLink%20eq%20%27" + Planlink + "%27"
  • Execute Plan (onboard VMs)
    • "https://<VRA8 URL>/relocation/api/wo/execute-plan"
  • Update onboarded custom properties (optional)
  • Update Owner of the deployment (optional)
  • Update lease of the deployment (optional)
  • Gather evidence (optional)
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