What's New in vRealize Orchestrator 8.11

 What’s new:

February 2023/ vRA 8.11.1 What's New

  • SaltStack Day2 Action Enhancements

  • vRealize Automation Terraform Service and accompanying Terraform provider now supports Terraform 1.0

  • Customized notifications in Service Broker

    You can now customize the look and feel of notification emails sent out from VMware vRealize Automation Service Broker.

  • Capacity management enhancements - Storage allocation limits

    You can now specify a maximum storage allocation at the datastore level for all managed Disks. During provisioning, these properties are checked for placements to prevent storage overallocation.

  • Deprecate an identity service endpoint in vRealize Automation

    Both POST /am/idp/auth/login and POST /csp/gateway/am/api/login perform the same operation. With the 8.11.1 release, the POST /am/idp/auth/login endpoint is deprecated.

Resolved Issues

  • Enhance Identity service (on-prem) endpoint to have more restrictive access

    Some endpoints from vRealize Automation Identity API can now be accessed only by users with org owner role. 

  • vRealize Orchestrator - StackOverFlowError during garbage collection of the Version History repository

    The nightly garbage collection process of the Version History repository would fail due to a StackOverFlowError and would leave the Version History repository in a non-functional state.

  • When deployments with missing resources are deleted, those resources are still displayed as missing

    When deployments with all missing resources are deleted, those resources are orphaned and still show in the UI as missing. These orphaned resources can no longer be removed from vRealize Automation. 

  • Composite types are not visible as input parameters when adding new input type in a workflow or day 2 actions


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