VMware Aria Migration

UseCase :- Migration Readiness Assessment

Aria Migration accelerates and simplifies the multi-cloud migration journey by identifying and migrating applications to the optimal cloud, based on the user’s goals for security, performance, cost, and time.


There are three steps within Aria Migration to identify, plan and move workloads to their optimal cloud.

  1. Assessment: Identify network flows between apps, discover services, app tiers and VMs/servers that comprise the app. If you're not familiar with RVTools, Once your data sources have been added, let's perform an assessment. Go to Migration - Migration Assessments. 
  2. Planning: Machine Learning driven process to understand app boundaries, app migration complexities, and dependencies. Work with security to define policies and boundaries for workloads to ensure compliance throughout the migration.
  3. Migration: Automated migration waves of workloads at scale using vRealize Network Insight Toolkit with VMware HCX.

 Source := https://blogs.vmware.com/management/2022/08/tech-preview-aria-migration-service.html

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